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A Spirit of Partnership

photo of WilkinsburgBuilding a stronger community involves the work of many — nonprofit groups like PHDA, local businesses, churches, every level of government, and of course the individuals who live and work in the community. At PHDA, we embrace a spirit of partnership with all those who share the goals of expanding home ownership and improving the quality of life in the neighborhoods we serve. If you visit the Links and Downloads page, you’ll find many of the partners we respect. Each has much to offer to low and moderate income families and to those working to improve the health and integrity of our neighborhoods.

In particular, PHDA collaborates with Dollar Bank — the region’s only financial institution to offer comprehensive in-house credit counseling and homebuyer education programs — to help families realize their homebuying dreams. PHDA’s workshops and programs work in harmony with Dollar Bank’s efforts to help the people we serve become successful home owners.

“Wilkinsburg is fortunate to have PHDA and the Dollar Bank Home Buyer Program Workshop. It takes a lot of help to make sure that everyone has the knowledge and resources to become a home owner and this program continues to be of great value to our residents.”
– Jason Cohn, Former President, Wilkinsburg Borough Council